Equine Touch Horse and Rider

Equine Touch

Hands on soft tissue bodywork

What can Equine Touch help:

  • Sore back, muscle tension, irratablility, lameness, stiffness or prevention of injury
  • Encourage muscle recovery from injury
  • Reduce the pain spiral
  • Deep relaxation and promoting general well being at a maintenance level
  • Help reduce emotional stress
  • Stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage which can aid healing
  • Performance tuning for equine athletes
  • Relaxation and detoxification after illness or strenuous exercise
  • Stimulation and detoxification for horses on box rest
  • Holistic rebalancing of the body following any form of adjustment

The Equine Touch has been described by leading equine vets as the 'ultimate hands on therapy for horses'.

The Equine Touch has helped many horses all over the world from top competition horses to retired ponies.

For information on how it could help YOUR horse and YOU as a rider, or to arrange a demonstration contact Emma Knowles.